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Kimberly Ferguson
Sioux Falls, SD
Certified CFO Since 2022 
Certification ID: CFO-446H7QS 
Why Business Owners Love Working With Me  
True, life-changing growth doesn't happen by chance. My clients appreciate the unique approach I bring to unlocking their potential. By guiding tech-savvy real estate and home service professionals along the Emerald Pathway, I empower them to achieve unparalleled growth and clarity. The 5-Facet Formula for Financial Brilliance I've developed is more than just a methodology; it's a transformative journey that redefines success. Clients love the tailored blueprint that not only meets but exceeds their ambitious goals, blending innovative strategies with profound financial insights. The result? A partnership that elevates their business to new heights, making their experience with me both rewarding and invaluable.
My Biggest Success Story  
We came to Kimberly because we didn't have any money. We wanted to know, if we were making money according to our financial statements, where was it all going? And now she wants us to spend more money…that we don’t have! How does that work? But we are beginning to realize how valuable our investment in her services has been. Before Kimberly, we felt panicked about every major decision in our business. Getting our shop, investing in an expensive tool, buying a vehicle–we panicked about every one of these decisions. They felt scary. They felt too big for our small business. But they all turned out to be great investments for us. So even though we felt nervous about hiring a Fractional CFO, we realized we needed to delegate to a professional. We’re not numbers people. But we realized if we’re going to run a business, we need to have goals backed by data. We need to understand the numbers. Well, the ROI has been astounding. Our income is up by over 21% compared to this time last year. Now we have a new problem to solve–finding ways to lower our taxes!
About Me  
Kimberly Ferguson is the face behind Emerald Expectations Accounting. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, a Master’s Degree in Accountancy, and is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. She is also a Certified CFO through the CFO Project. Founded on the principles of Integrity, Respect and Excellent Customer Care, Kimberly started her company because she hated the way she saw her clients being treated while working at another accounting firm. She wanted to serve small business owners in a way that truly made a difference in their lives. Initially focusing on traditional compliance work, Kimberly began to see that her clients did not value the compliance work. Most of her clients did not even view the financial statements she spent so much time compiling. Being the kind of person who is not afraid of change, she began strategizing how to re-structure her business and re-build it as an advisory firm. But not just any 'ol advisory firm. Kimberly wanted to build a firm that made a difference; a firm that focused on big impacts; a firm that focused on breaking the walls between accountant and small business owner, and learning what was truly important to each one. She asked herself, how could each client build a business that made their lives tangibly better? How could she help them remember the reason they started their business, and begin striving towards creating a business that aligned with that original goal? It became clear that compliance, tax strategy and CFO advisory were not enough. But combined with a new approach on building a business on purpose and striving to really connect and care about each individual client, these services could make a real difference in the lives of the business owners with whom they partner.
Top 3 Types of Businesses I Help  
Real Estate
Home Services
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 What a Certified CFO Can Do for Your Business 
 Give you financial oversight. 

Get someone who knows how to grow successful businesses that make real money.

 Be your go-to financial guide. 

Get a 'go-to' financial expert who will be with you every step of the way.

 Give you direction on what to do. 

Get direction on the exact next steps to have a growing and successful business.

 Understand your numbers. 

A successful business is one that understands and is improving their numbers.

 Be a trusted confidant. 

Finally have someone to turn to for advice and to bounce ideas off of.

Own a machine. Not a job. 

Your business needs to be a machine that makes money for you. Not a low-paying job.

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